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  1. maybe the boy gained some weight, maybe he hit his head on a low doorway and his head flattened out.. shit maybe thats not the real backglass and a updated better version? LOL I cant remember anymore I tried SORRY.... I love hard boiled eggs though 😉
  2. Thats my point too.. Once you release anything you just gave up your ownership to it.. you will get thanks but its fair game for everybody..sad but true.. same as posting your private pictures or video's and somebody uses them for laughs or something bad.. people need to realize these things before they post stuff end of story... Im not saying its right but pointing out the reality of the internet..
  3. Guess Im buying my own beer tonight Thanks Dazz..
  4. Oh and on a side note about people stealing shit and taking our work WHICH WAS NEVER OURS TO BEGIN WITH LOL.. Alot of my Back Glasses are shown on alot of websights that sell backglasses and translites .. and i didnt have no say 😉.. BUT DO I GET MAD AND PULL ALL MY CONTENT FROM ALL THE WEBSIGHTS I UPLOADED IT TO ??????? NOT..... You think your going to stop anything LOL.. Anything you upload to the net stays on the net FOREVER.. WAKE THE FUCK UP !!! AND QUIT CRYING .. WTF MAN 🖕 🙄 Im so sick of the crying, everything that is made for VP is taken from resource's that none of
  5. And I agree with you 100%.. So sick of the drama and the crybabies' Just deal with it nothing is ever going to be done, it just part of the game, if you cant handle it dont cry about it .. Like others have said look at MAME same shit happened to them for yrs and there still going .. I dont see all there content getting pulled by their contributors 😉 People need to chill the fuck out ! If you cant deal with it STFU and let the guys that can, still enjoy the what the authors give to us for FREE....
  6. Right at the top of the home page 😉 I know how it is to get old too 🤣😅😂
  7. So sad we have babys like this.. OH wait I didnt get 50000 likes ,Im not sharing no more... LMFAO Keep your files and go hide in the corner and sulk, It crybabies like you that give this hobby a bad name. we dont need you or your content ...😘 Man if I went by thanks to dload ratio there would be no Back Glass files here at all ....👎 Any other Babies out there just upload your stuff over at VPF, I know for a fact it will be much more appreciated over there 🤣
  8. Thanks Dazz for keeping the site going and using your own time and money to do it... we will get through this.. Just do what you have to do to keep us up and running ? You need anything just ask ?
  9. New Rebuild New Lighting Hi Rez Update Back Glass is fully emulated now but it will need VpinMAME 3.4 or higher
  10. View File Michael Jordan (Data East 1992) Michael Jordan (Data East 1992) Hi Rez Submitter Wildman Submitted 03/23/2021 Category B2S Backglasses  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Michael Jordan (Data East 1992) Hi Rez
  12. Shit Going On 8 Yrs Now .....? Hey DeeGor, Good To See Your Still Around.... Long Time Man
  13. Ok file has been Replaced.. download works now no issues ?
  14. View File The Munster Premium (Stern 2019) The Munster Premium (Stern 2019) Hi Rez Submitter Wildman Submitted 03/18/2021 Category B2S Backglasses  
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