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[New VPVR Alert]The Sopranos Minimal VR (Stern 2005)

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The Sopranos Minimal VR (Stern 2005)

A minimal VR Room for The Sopranos by Stern.

VPX original by 32assassin, Freneticamnesic, Hauntfreaks

VR Conversion by Sixtoe.

This one needed a significant number of alterations to look right in VR, it probably looked fine from overhead in cabinet mode, but definitely looked odd in 3D when you moved around it.



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Great table! I love the Sopranos so much, thank you so much to all, and for the VR revisions! 


I'm sure this has been asked before but is there any modded ROMs or something to play the theme song without wanting to dig my ears out?.. Such a great theme song and it always plays weird for me..

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