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[New VPVR Alert]Guns N Roses Minimal VR Room (Data East 1994)

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Guns N Roses Minimal VR Room (Data East 1994)

A minimal VR Room for Guns N Roses by Data East. Original VP version by JP Salas, VPX version by Team PP, 4k mod by Sheltemke.

VR Conversion by Sixtoe. This one did not want to play nice at all, it did not look right in VR at all so ended up needed a fair bit of work, for example the entire apron / front of the playfield had to be remade and raised.

This is not to take away from the original authors work at all, I am well aware the fact VR even works at all in VPX is a miracle and until recently no table was even tested or even expected to be seen from every angle (or even in 3D!).


v1.1 - fixed lots of things that are a lot more obvious in VR and didn't really show up in desktop or cabinet mode.


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