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[New VPVR Alert]Goldeneye Minimal VR Room (Sega 1996)

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Goldeneye Minimal VR Room (Sega 1996)

A minimal VR Room for Goldeneye by Sega. I wanted to do this one because I thought it'd look good in VR, and I was right! The way the table was built (rendered in 3D and ported backwards) meant it fitted in really quickly with VR and looked fantastic almost out the box :)

Based on the VPX table by Team PP and...everyone? (Pingod, UncleReamus, Destruk, The Trout, 32assassin, JPJ, Dark, Neo, Arngrim, Flupper, Rothbauerw, Chucky, Fleep, Knorr, Jpn Osborne, JPSalas, Neofr45, Chucky87, Rajo Joey, Thalamus, Davidcd13, Toxie)

VR Conversion by Sixtoe



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Great table I never knew existed until seeing the VR version posted! Thanks to that long list of contributors really nice work :)


I have had a recent issue with sound, it worked if I remember correctly but after I did a reinstall it doesn't and I cant remember if I changed something.. any ideas?

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