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[New VPX Alert]Loch Ness Monster (Game Plan 1985)

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Loch Ness Monster (Game Plan 1985)

Loch Ness Monster (Game Plan 1985)


Loch Ness Monster was the last pinball machine created by Game Plan in 1985.  The only real world version of the machine is the prototype.  Making this machine extremely rare.  The resources available for this machine is very limited.  There is no known rom and/or video of the actual game play.  The recreation of this table was started by Roccoimarco with his VP9 creation.  This was then converted to VPX by Goldchicco.  With their permission I improved the playfield with better graphics.  Recreated all of the plastics.  Made a bunch of changes to the script including scripting it for B2s.  I re-did all of the rubbers and cleaned up the playfield elements so they are properly aligned.  I really don't remember everything I did but it was pretty extensive.  


The file download also includes the B2s and wheel image I created for this release.




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