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  1. I guess it's the fear of looking bad in front of my wife. In our house...I am the pinball king. I've been to several of the competitive events because they always have lots of cool machines to play. I've watch the guys (and gals) compete and man....they are really good.
  2. @Dazz Thanks for everything. The more I get familiar with VPU the more I like it. I like the design, layout , features, and of course, the members. I would do competitive pinball as well if I just simply didn't suck so much at it. I love pinball but I never said I was any good at it. Also...while I love them...the later model machines just have too many rules. My brain can't handle them. I find my self gravitating more and more to the older pins. I guess they are more my speed.
  3. So that is why I have a ballshadow1...2...3...4...5. I always learn something new every day! It makes sense...a shadow for every possible ball.
  4. @B0SSMAN72 - I am no script genius but if the total number of balls is 1...then you will always error out with multi-ball games. What is the total number of balls you can have in the table? Here is a suggestion....set it to 5 and see if your issue goes away. That's my way of scripting. All trial and error.
  5. @ARMYAVIATION I think all of us have other hobbies besides virtual pinball. I also do model railroading...I restore and collect Edison Diamond Disc players and records...and I also restore EM pinball machines. I've stepped back from VP before and float between them. Oh....I forgot to add....I love that YouTube channel too!
  6. I too am guilty of this. Sorry to everyone for downloading something you've done and not took the time to thank you properly. After all that has happened and still going on...I feel really bad about this. It will never happen again. Thanks!
  7. The root of the issue is what is an acceptable mod to a table. I appears that any change...no matter how minor...is acceptable at VPF. I guess 32assassin did give him permission to mod but only if the change was not a minor. Per 32assassin and myself...the change was minor...and he posted it anyways with his usually excuse later on that he misunderstood 32assassin.
  8. Saw on VPF that 32assassin's may be done as well. He is upset after another grand Bigus mod of his VPX version of Earthshaker. I am starting to lose faith.
  9. Awesome work Dazz!!! Thank you for everything you do and the time and expert knowledge put in to creating and managing the site!!!
  10. Hello...every time I log in I get a weird error (see below). Everything works fine and I can read and post to the forum. Just thought I should let some one know. Not sure if anyone else is getting this. Thanks for the great site BTW!! I am still learning my way around but I am having fun!
  11. @ARMYAVIATION - My dogs used to freak out every time I play Space Shuttle...I eventually changed the background sound to something less intense. I'm going to have to start checking out FB Marketplace. Most of the machines around me are made of pure gold...or at least it seems that way. I used to own a Haunted House. Unfortunately...I had to sell it. A man's got to eat and all. I love that game and looked in to buying one a year or so ago. One went up for sale near me on eBay. Damn thing sold for like 5 grand. Oh well....I just fire me up some good old VPX. Oh yeah!
  12. @ARMYAVIATION Bally Freedom is one of the machines I own. I love it! I fully rebuilt it from the ground up. NOS Backglass...NOS Playfield....NOS Plastics. All new rubbers, coils...the works. The only thing I haven't touched is the cabinet. It was the first machine I got and started the love affair. Believe it or not...I got it for free. The pastor at the church I was going to asked me if I had a power saw. When I inquired in to why he said "they were going to throw this old arcade machine away and wanted to cut it up to make it easier". I almost lost it! My brother and I carried tha
  13. Awesome table to re-create! I love the EM tables the most. The only real machines I own are EM's. It's all I can afford. ? I like the content in this table. Let's face it...any table with ladies in bikini's is a winner in my book! Through Roccodimarco I found a guy that owns Terrific Lake. He seems open to helping me re-create this. I am pumped up!! I am also finishing up Loch Ness 2.0. A lot of improvements!! All new playfield redraw. I also made the backglass look...kind of sweet.
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