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[New PuP-Pack Alert]Black Sabbath 4x3 PuPPack

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Black Sabbath 4x3 PuPPack

1st link is Table and music files 2nd link is the "4x3" PuPPack.

I know I know what you're thinking .. not more music related stuff. But!! What makes this table better?! Videos of course! 

Thanks to Joey Beaulieu for the overlay work! Huge thanks to the discord testers too! @TCDeez for the "magic" to make the song selection function. And as always, massive thanks to "The Guru's" Opeckie, David, Peter and Terry for always lending a hand!

There's also "new" multiplayer pup options to help with the timing of song selection. If you're in single player and going through 3 balls really fast, there's a chance your next song up could be delayed. So try keeping the ball out of the drain!

This is for fun DO NOT SELL or Redistribute or reupload as your own.


1st link is the Table and music files 2nd link is the "4x3" PuPPack. Place in your pupvideos folder and select the bat file that matches your screen configuration or taste!


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