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  1. I also wouldn't pay for this again as everything is in vpx and plays better. But if it's something you did buy - it's "working"
  2. Check the pinup wiki "other emulator" setup.
  3. The system wheels aren't an animated option - yet. Looks really killer though.
  4. Where can I get a download link for this Grease game? One of my all time favorite movies, would love to play this game. Thanks

  5. Why would you do all of this? In Games Manager for every game there's a keep display on spot, select the DMD and move on.
  6. I could be wrong - but when freezy's dll get's updated these will work on "any" dmd - maybe @outhere can correct me on that statement.
  7. Killer work on these - all of these colorizations are freaking amazing.
  8. There's 2 things people need to understand about mega - and where "limits" come from. This and most other PuPPacks are hosted on a paid mega account which has no transfer limits. If you've done a lot of downloading from mega in a 24 hour period, you'll reach a limit, typically 5GB per day.
  9. The fact that this guys tag begins with VPD and says MATE should get him banned.
  10. Fixed some real dmd font sizing issues. Table updated in the link. Just grab the VPX file again.
  11. It's about to come out of beta - so don't worry too much about that term. Baller installer had it as default and a lot of us have tested the crap out of it.
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