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Usually I only wanted to start experimenting with the new 64 color mode. Now too late to turn back lol, so here is a new WIP for you?

It is not my top priority, so will take some time...









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Man... Tales From The Crypt is my favorite colorization but this one mite overtake it.. Looks so awesome dude :) and that's great about freezy getting a 64 color update as I use these killer colorizations just in VPX

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1 hour ago, SteveNZ said:

Wow, looking great.

Will you have versions for TWD Pro and for TWD Premium/LE? Not sure how many scenes are different, I assume that some are.

if this is a 64 Color Project  =  more then likely NO rom patch!!!! (I'm assuming this only the author can confirm this)

you should be able to use the same project on both versions (assuming all  scenes for the LE and Pro are captured and colored)

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