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[New VP10 Alert] FSS MOD Medieval Madness (Williams 1997)

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FSS MOD Medieval Madness (Williams 1997)

Well, this is my FSS version for the most challenging version of Medieval Madness there is, the Skitso version ... as I love the Skitso version, I needed to make an FSS version for this table, so I did ... I did not change almost anything in the general lighting of the table, as it is already very good, I only added a few layers to make it possible to apply the color correction effect and Day and Night, and then there is the table. I hope you all like it.

 Nick (Arconovum) has already made an FSS version for Medieval, but this one from Skitso is something "different" to play, and the overall lighting look of the table was also different, neither better nor worse, just different, you will see, so it's worth it.



Adaptation to the FSS format: Morttis

Original table: Tom Tower’s and Ninuzzu’s

Remaster table: Skitso, rothbauerw and bord (TEAM ROTHBORSKI)

Base script for assembling the table in FSS format: Arconovum

B2S used as a basis for backglass art: bassgeige


[FSS] Backglass/Box/Backlight

[CCX] Color Correction

[D&N] Day and Night transition

[JPSP] JPSalas physics 3.0 update

[SS] Solid Station table

[DMD] DMD display table

[10.6+] FSS table developed in VPX 10.6 with reshade


Thank you very much to all the VPX and table developers, without you the fun wouldn't be possible.

Well, this is a great new title that could not be missing in the FSS format.

Enjoy it.


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