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RGB Launch Ball Button DOF config confusion with PinballX and VP10


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I inserted an RGB LED into my launch ball button so now i can have 3 colors for 3 different modes PinballX and VP10.  The issue I have is this:  I want green to be PInballX start button, Red for VP10 Launch Ball, and Blue for VP10 Fire button but the start button in PinballX is to launch a table and the start button in VP10 is to start a game.  Could the PinballX Start be moved over to the Launch Ball button for DOF?  In the few vpin cabs I have seen, these are the same keyboard inputs and physical buttons.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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Alright, with some direction from arngrim I was able to figure this out.

In the DOF config tool, I setup the port I wanted for the PinballX launch ball button to Custom Output 1.
I open the PinballX table config, copied the values from the Launch Ball Field to the Custom Ouput 1 field and removed them from the Launch Ball field.
Saved, Generated the new config, dropped it in.  Works!

For my LED Wiz ports I have 30 - Red, 31 - Green, and 32 - Blue.
30 (red) is mapped to Launch Ball
31 (green) is mapped to Custom Output 1
32 (blue) is mapped to Fire

If interested, I have the parts to make some more.  It was $6 for the button, .50$ for the LED, $1 for the voltage stepper to take if from 5v to 3.3v and about 15 minutes of time to soldier and put it all together.  Most of the parts are from pinball life.

Pic: https://ibb.co/HNQdRsp

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