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[New VP10 Alert] VPX Foosball 2019

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VPX Foosball 2019

Another crazy not pinball creation by Rascal. VPX Foosball 2019 is just that, a foosball game. It does auto row switching for you so you just need to control one row. You can control it with several different controllers (Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick X and Y axis, Joystick X and Y Rotation, Joystick POV, or on a cab with left flipper, left magna-save, right flipper, and right magna-save). You can play against another player with sharing a keyboard (w, a, s, z for red team and arrow keys for blue team). You can also play red team joystick and blue team mouse. Then there is the red team set to AI which is insane, but crazy fun. See if your good enough to beat the AI. All these option choices are in the script at the top. If for any reason the ball gets in a dead state, you can hit "k" on the keyboard or do a forward nudge on a cab to give the ball a little kick.

Included in the download is the table, a b2s, a logo art, and the vpmousejoystick com plugin to get the mouse and joystick functions into VPX. There is a instruction to install text file included too.

Hope you try it and like it.


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