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[New VP10 Alert] Medieval Madness Skitso mod

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Medieval Madness Skitso mod

This is a remaster of Tom Tower's and Ninuzzu's Medieval Madness Reloaded.



  • Project lead, visuals and QA - Skitso
  • Scripting, gameplay and physics - rothbauerw
  • Mesh playfield and primitives - bord
  • --
  • Original authors: Tom Tower and Ninuzzu


  • Completely revamped gameplay and physics with all the modern VP tricks
  • New mesh playfield with all nice holes and edges visible
  • New animations and sound
  • Improved GI lighting
  • Completely new inserts lighting
  • Completely new flasher lighting
  • Completely new wall reflections and other atmosphere elements
  • Completely new HD apron texture
  • Improved playfield texture
  • Countless amount of bigger and smaller details and polish

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • ROM Name
  • Link to B2S
  • Link to Media Pack
  • Permission to Mod
  • VP Version


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This is by far my biggest release with countless of hours of research and work. I want to thank rothbauerw and bord for perfect co-operation and support. You guys are amazing!

Also, thanks to Tom Tower, Ninuzzu and all the others that were involved in that original project back in the days. I hope this version is a worthy successor for it and a virtual copy of one of the all time greatest pinballs, Medieval Madness.


Can't wait to hear what you guys think of it. Have a great weekend! :D

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Great Update to an already great table!

One issue can anyone help?

I am using it in my cabinet and when I add a credit via my cab button the X,Y,Z coordinates appear. When I add via keyboard it does not. See Photo. This does not happen with any of my other 250+ VPX tables. Is there something in the script I can edit. 




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Just played and this looks and feels great! Had 1 weird issue, there was a large black plane above the castle that was blocking the top of the playfield. When I opened up the editor it looks like it was a primitive called dmd background, just had to turn visibility off on top and sides, then is was fine. 

Awesome job all around guys! 

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In the Table1_KeyDown sub comment out or remove the following:

If keycode = LeftMagnaSave Then
   BallLocation.text = "X:" & INT(MMBall1.x) & " Y:" & INT(MMBAll1.y) & " Z:" & INT(MMBall1.z) & vbnewline & _
   "X:" & INT(MMBall2.x) & " Y:" & INT(MMBAll2.y) & " Z:" & INT(MMBall2.z) & vbnewline & _
   "X:" & INT(MMBall3.x) & " Y:" & INT(MMBAll3.y) & " Z:" & INT(MMBall3.z) & vbnewline & _
   "X:" & INT(MMBall4.x) & " Y:" & INT(MMBAll4.y) & " Z:" & INT(MMBall4.z)
End If
If Keycode = RightMagnaSave Then
   BallLocation.text = ""
End If

Answered in another forum by rothbauerw...sharing for others in case you have the same issue

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've uploaded the version 1.1 (pending approval)


  • added small missing details
  • improved skillshot insert lights
  • improved lock insert ligths
  • improved super jets insert lights
  • improved upper playfield GI lighting
  • added visible bulb next to castle with improved reflection
  • added better red flashers behind castle walls
  • cleaned up plastic ramp textures
  • small bug fixes
  • small physics tweak
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I really like this table - it's a great upgrade, Skitso.

I'm running v1.1 and have a problem.  Every time a ball goes into the green moat in front of the castle it never comes out.  I can nudge my cab and can see it rolling around in the moat but it never pops out.  Anyone else see this?

Thanks again for the great mod, Skitso!!


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On 12/26/2019 at 11:42 AM, Thalamus said:

Have you maybe changed the z-axis on the table ? That is known to make problems for a lot of tables, so it is not advisable to do.

Hummm... Yes that's possible.  I was play with that with a few tables.  How would I know if I changed it and how would I change it back to the default for the table? 

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18 hours ago, outhere said:
How to fix and/or check
Open the table in the editor on the left click backglass and options and on the right Enter 1 for Z-scale
See image for example


Thanks for the help, Outhere.  When I looked at the Z-Scale it was already set at 1.  But it's now working and ejecting the balls from the moat like it should.  Thanks!!

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