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Ordering EVO PCBs at chinese manufactures questions and help


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14 hours ago, PedroFilipe said:

which controller should have the p2.5 led panel?

I heard that if the led panel comes with the  FM6126 IC controller that does not 

I don´t know where you heard all those things but so far all P2.5 panels work with pin2dmd

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9 hours ago, PedroFilipe said:

thanks, but still with the doubt.

to insert the firmware just plug the pc cable into the display at the mini usb port ?

like written on point 5


1) Download and install DfuSE Utility: http://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/products/development-tools/software-development-tools/stm32-software-development-tools/stm32-programmers/stsw-stm32080.html
2) The latest PIN2DMD files can be found here https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD . For your first installation you can download all files here https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/archive/master.zip and extract them in a local folder.
3) Power the controller board using a external power supply
4) Set controller into DFU boot mode with the following procedure:
– EVO board hold DFU button – press/release the reset button – release DFU button.
5) Connect the controller board to the PC using a mini-USB cable.
6) Flash firmware using DfuSEDemo choose/upgrade function
7) Set controller into run mode and powercycle


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I made my second order on pcbway. I just received my pcb and none work.

The only difference in welding between my first order and my second is the L3 which is not in the same direction.


This bacth doesn't work (new batch)


This old batch works, I don't know if the way of L3 is important.

Is there an impact?

The power LED does not light up when I connect the 12v to x1.

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Thanks lucky1 for your help.

I just check all the orientation of the diodes and all are in good way.  :(

Do you have other tips to help me.

May from Pcbway asks me to check the components, but I'm not and expert and I don't know where starting.

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You could try a external 5V 4A powersupply and attach it to the SAM connector. This would bypass the DC-DC converter circuit.

I also asked you to check the components in that area for proper solder connections. Maybe with a Multimeter. Did you do that ? 

Did you check the polarization and the supply voltage of the power supply you use for testing ?

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23 hours ago, lucky1 said:

You could try a external 5V 4A powersupply and attach it to the SAM connector. This would bypass the DC-DC converter circuit.

Hello lucky1,

I just try with a 5v and It works...

So i can say that the problem comes from DC converter circuit ?!

Could you say me what I need to test , to confirm that!

Now that i have been able to implant the pin2dmd bios, it starts up, i can configure it, but the screen flickers.

I tried display which does not flicker on other functional pin2dmd and it flickers too, so there is another problem. :(


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The flickering is caused by a supply voltage which is too high. 4.8V is recommended. Depending on the panels it starts to flicker at 5V.

Could you make a closeup picture of the DC-DC converter circuit ?

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Problems on this batch never stop... ?

Today, I try my 5 new pin2dmd on my Indiana Johns.

3 works perfectly (for the color, not 12vpower ?)

2 doesn’t have the good color, they are too green or too white, impossible to adjust them even by restoring the parameters of pin2dmd.

Do I need to reload the bios?

I already try to format the sdcard and re download files but nothing change..

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Sounds like a bad connection / solder joint at the downside panel connector. Do you have a picture of the too white and too green panel ?
I would also resolder all connection on the DC-DC converter circuit and see if that solves the problem there. Start with the 5 pins of the XL4015
and see what happens. The bad assembly quality must be  due delay and stress of the covid lockdown. I have never experienced anything like that. 

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