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Dof disconnecting pinscape kl25z


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Hi, new to the forum, a great amount of info on here. 

I'm having an issue getting my DOF to work. Currently port 1 output is connected to a transistor, the output of the transistor is connected to a 8ch relay board. 5v+ is connected to the transistor and the vcc of the relay board. 5v- is connected to the transistor. Gnd on the transistor is connected to gnd on the relay board and gnd on the pinscape. On the load side of the relay Com is connected to 12v+, NO is connected to the solinoid, and the solinoid is connected to 12v-. There is a diode, a long way away from the solinoid, connected in parallel to the solinoid with the line in the diode on the 12v+ side. 


Now the issue I'm having is that after a few fires of the solinoid, the pinscape controller disconnects from the PC, windows 10. The pinscape is being powered directly from the PC. 

At a stage I had the pinscape 5v+ pin powering the transistor and the relay board. This made the pinscape disconnect every time the solinoid fired. 

My next step is to try powering the pinscape from a powered USB hub as the PC I'm using is a little old.. I think it's a Gen 2 core i5 and the USB slots are well used. 

I'm only going to be able to get a powered USB hub in about 2 weeks time. Is there anything else I can try while I wait? 

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OK.. So I managed to go out to my supplier and got a powered USB hub... It did help a little, but did not fix the issue. I've tried putting in a resistor between gnd on the pinscape and the rest of the grounds... This did not improve my issue.. I've tried removing 5v+ from the transistor, dof still works but did not solve the issue. I've tried disconnecting the solioids but still have the relays firing and, after 2 games, the pinscape did not disconnect. So this makes me think that there is some electrical noise coming from the solinoid via the relay to the transistor and back to the board, probably on the gnd... But how can the 12v solinoid circuit effect the 5v relay circuit? They don't share a common ground. The only 12v is going from relay (load side) to solinoid with a diode in parallel... The 12v is a separate power supply and not linked to the pc or pinscape at all

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So I spent some time randomly moving wires around trying to see if i could further separate some of the common grounds or run some direct shorter routes... That didn't work... I then tried to add some more diodes, but this time right next to the solioids, my theory was that if that didn't work that I would replace them with some capacitors at a later stage when I managed to get hold of some, and to my amazement it looks like the diodes closer to the solioids did the trick.. I only have four on me so only four are working at the moment, but I would even get the disconnect with just two running, so far so good... I've played 5 games with no disconnects so far. 

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