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[New VP10 Alert] Alle Neune (NSM 1969)

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Alle Neune (NSM 1969)

Here is my Alle Neune (NSM 1969) VPX Version I made a VP9 Version in the Past ...

Thanks to hmueck for the first VPX Demo with the Pin Models Thanks to bord for the Final Works with Lights, Wires and more ...

File includes VPX Version, Flyer, Wheel and a Photo from the real Machine.

Start a Game with Insert Coin (5) Before Start, press LeftFlipper to Change Balls up to 19 ( 9 for real Machine ) Press and hold down, then release RightFlipper or Plunger to shoot out a Ball.

Try to hit all the Pins for a nice Surprise :)

Have Fun !


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