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Tales Of The Arabian Nights (Williams 1996) (Db2S)


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Nice backglass, thanks!


I am slowly converting all my UVP backglass to DIrectB2S.


For some reason this particular backglass file makes my DMD display disappears, and when I change the script back to run the old UVP backglass the DMD is back.  Any idea why this could be?




Sub LoadVPM(VPMver, VBSfile, VBSver)
    On Error Resume Next
    If ScriptEngineMajorVersion < 5 Then MsgBox "VB Script Engine 5.0 or higher required"
    ExecuteGlobal GetTextFile(VBSfile)
    If Err Then MsgBox "Unable to open " & VBSfile & ". Ensure that it is in the same folder as this table. " & vbNewLine & Err.Description
    Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")
    'Set Controller = CreateObject("UltraVP.BackglassServ")
    On Error Goto 0
End Sub


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Visibility section in Backglass Server settings are set to...


GRILL: Standard

DMD: Standard

B2S DMD: Visible


FYI, I've just tested launching the table through HP, and the DMD is visible, the issue is only when launching table directly with VP.  All my other DirectB2S backglass settings are the same and are working fine, it's just this one for some reason.


Either way, I'm happy it works with HP, thanks again for the great backglass.



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