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Fplaunch With Jukebox And New Focus Routines


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Here is another prerelease of fplaunch wip 10 with jukebox and new focus routines

From previous releases changes are:


1.295 wip 10
+ highscores added tnx to dna disturber, bleasby and horseyhorsey
+ custom fp and vp exe (vp/fpexetables.txt in settings dir)
+ custom b2s settings from koadic added (CustomB2STables.txt)
+ toggleLedwizKey button added to menus - tnx to deegor
+ toLog added to every function
+ external ahk script focus.exe executed on exit to focus hp
+ exitemulatorkey changed to exitkey
+ pausekey changed to exitkey1
+ exitemulatorKey2 and 3 changed to enterkey and enterkey1
+ usepausekey true/false removed (it is always used same as exit key)
+ #winactivateforce added again
+ memory leak found in hp on win7 if used in comp. mode - USE NATIVE MODE
+ taskbar problems - auto hide taskbar HAS TO BE OFF in windows
+ some images updated
+ instruction card menu item changed to instructions
+ improved error handling (winwait removed, mouse moved out of the loop)
and new additions:
+ jukebox support added
+ new compiled focus script added
+ instructions moved a bit down so more of a playfield is visible
news for focus2 version:
+ swf instructions will be on same positio as jpg or png
+ antar bug - word (Play) makes problems - solved in vp 445
+ comments in settings are allowed
+ useFocus internal/external/both
+ double focus - in script and in focus.exe
+ hiscores for EM games copied from VP\user\hiscores.txt
+ options added to ledcleat.bat
NOTE: This is not latest version any more - for latest version go to FPLaunch 1.295 WIP 10 thread: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/index.php/topic/315-fplaunch-1295-wip-10/


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A couple quick questions if I may:


Upon running FPL I know it updates the settings.ini file, I think it may have overlapped or left some lines behind or was I supposed to delete them all prior to launch? Maybe it's just me?


EDIT: Ya I see all the lines that had name changes remained, no big deal I guess as FPLuanch isn't looking for them anymore correct? 


exitScriptKey=q & s
exitEmulatorKey=Esc <- DELETED
usePauseKey=true <- DELETED
pauseKey=p <- DELETED
exitEmulatorKey2=1 <- DELETED
exitEmulatorKey3=Enter <- DELETED



Also here is a video of what mine is doing in HP, curious if this is all normal. 



Win7 64bit with HP running in Native Mode.

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EDIT: IGNORE THIS, file rebuilt on a different PC and it worked fine. 


RE: fpexetables.txt


I'm having an issue with this. I set up the txt file as follows:


table name (no .fpt)





I start HP and play a few tables.


I return to the txt file after closing HP and all the exe lines have been removed for the exception of those tables that I played. If I relaunch HP again and play a table that used to have a exe line, I get the first loading image but then it freezes and does nothing.  

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Here is a bit more on focus problems. There are few things you can do to tune focus:

first is tune focusSleep in settings from 100 to 1000 (or more or less - test what works on your rig - it depends on length of time it passes after table exits)

if that doesn't help - you can remove first break from onexitscript loop and recompile - then all checks for focus will be made from fplaunch and from focus


if (PID) { 
    ; activate hyperpin 
    ;WinActivate, ahk_pid %PID% 
    loading = 1 
    Loop { 
        break <- this one

in this release you have focus diagnostic sounds so that you know what's going on right away, without looking at debug log later

it is the same solenoid sound used in menus

first sound means vp/fp is closed,

second sound means fplaunch is closed and HP is acitvated, it can repeat several times cause focus script does win activate in a loop

so if you hear two sounds and then you have black screen for few seconds and then hp has no focus - that means HP had focus shortly and then lost it

what you then have to do is enlarge focusSleep time so that focus script detects that focus is lost and waits for it to come back again (through all black and white screens)


default is 500, in last script it was 400 (but executed from fplaunch), my rig works just fine with 100

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With WIP 9 If compatibility mode is set to xp sp3, there are no white screens (but of course, longer table exit and memory leak eheh). The white screens are annoying enough that it has me considering staying with the memory leak. Crazy eh? I guess the white screens just break the illusion more, why white anyway? Where does it get it from?

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this is done in hp via settings.ini, not in the fp/vp programs.  In settings.ini, under:





then you need to change your exit button on your cab to the E key via ipac software (or I assume pinball wizard config software). 


The problem for me is having to change the ipac2 setting but I guess I can for go using the cab button to exit FP when I'm testing tables etc. 

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I spend a lot of time playing with FP tables outside of HP, using the esc key to exit is a very nice to have for me so I don't have to dive down to the keyboard to exit a table. FP's exit key cannot be reprogrammed. Now that I have reprogrammed though I'll just have to live with it or program a shift key or something. 

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There ara cases when you can use Esc in fplaunch, but looks like it's not your case.


I was using Esc on XP, fplaunch would stop Esc from going to vp or fp, but on windows 7 ahk doesn't stop the key so it makes problems in applications

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