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SLAYER (HauntFreaks 2022) FS/DT/VR 1.0.0

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SLAYER (HauntFreaks 2022)
Based off of Spirit (Gottlieb 1982) (Dozer316 build)

SLAYER started out as a simple joke on the "Britney debacle", but turned into being much more.... like 5 months of art, coding and a new VR room
even tho this is a rom based table, RetroG33k added code to override how some of the rom achievements were going to act, no matter what silly idea I had, RetroG33k made it happen
all the art I used was internet sourced, and manipulated to work with the playfield, lighting and shadows were also added 
the light inserts are from a collection flupper had made
skull model came from thingiverse and I made a texture map for it 
VR room is a Black-light minimal room Rawd and I concocted originally for Metallica... 
this is a 100% new room, new walls, following Rawd's precise angles, I modeled the new corner wall and Rawd modeled the black-light fixtures
the VR backglass animation and displays were coded by Leojreimroc
UNSAVORY made custom guitar sound effects
VPW for always being there to answer this old mans questions
RIK, Scampa123, Darkstar and fluffhead35 for help, testing and feedback

DOWNLOAD INCLUDES: Table, Music files and or choice of two different Fulldmd videos

this like all my builds, I'm in the pursuit of realism (as real as I know how)... 
I also consider if it would be a viable candidate for a real machine, nothing wildly fantasized, nor unrealistic in design, theme or sell-ability (as a real machine)    

if you feel the overwhelming desire to donate to what we do.... I want nothing!, so please donate to a cause of your choice (like an animal shelter or something)

this is for NON-commercial use ONLY, no one has, should or ever will profit from this table build  (dont be a POS)
do to recent "changes" in the hobby... I have to say NO to modding of this table build


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