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The Witcher Pinball

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4.8 From 4 reviews
81.57 MB File Size
csmic_l1 ROM Name
32assassin Created by
Williams Manufacturer
1982 Year

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This is a reupload from VPinball. Nothing changed still 1.0


This is a MOD of 32assassins wonderful Cosmic Gunfight table.


Thanx very much for your permission ot mod , 32assassin.


One of the biggest mods i've ever made.

Everything you see and hear is new.

Added a new skillshot with ball teleport to the other side of the playfield.

And , if i remember right, 32assasin helped me with the scripting.

Sorry if it was someone else and i don't mention him here.


I'm a fan of the Witcher books and i thought Gerald needs his own pinball machine.

All graphics and callouts are from the The Witcher 3 video game by CD Project.

I love this game but i never played it. Only played 1 and 2. 


Hope you like it.


.....and keep on playin' pinball








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Thank you for this amazing Witcher mod table. I'm a huge fan of the Witcher universe. I own all of the books in the series, played Witcher 1, 2 and 3. I've played hundreds or thousands of games in my life, and the Witcher 3 is by far my favorite game of all time. I've played 3 complete playthrough of it, with over 600 hours combined playtime. And that's almost all new content or side quests, very little repeating the same stuff. It really is a massive video game, much bigger than most people realize.


That being said, for you never having played the games, you nailed the overall theme. The music, sounds, graphics, all are perfect. The teleport skill shot is a nice touch as well. This table is fantastic as it is now, but I'd love to see you update it sometime with newer physics and some sounds, etc. I wish I knew more about how to create a pup pack, still learning a lot about everything involved with VP. Because a pup pack for this table would be perfect. Originally I was just thinking to use footage from Witcher 3 cutscenes mainly. But now with 2 seasons on Netflix, I'm not sure what would be better! It would be neat to have footage from both mixed, but I think sticking with one theme would be better. If anyone was up for it, you could make a pup pack for both! One using Witcher games footage, one with Netflix live action footage. Maybe I'll try to learn more about making one for this!

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Another gorgeous table from you!  Just finished season 1 on Netflix and have started season 2.  Got the game on my Switch.  Happy to have it as a pinball table, too!  Thank you!

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Great mod. Thankful to have this theme in pinball!

I loved the books. If you haven't played witcher 3 yet, you MUST, it's amazing!


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