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super mario galaxy pinball

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Remdwaas1986 Created by
2020 Year

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It's me! Remdwaas!
First of all the round of thanks:
Thanks to jpsals for helping me with the select player code and the last 7 problems that has been fixed today! Thanks again JP for trouble shooting the mario table!
Thanks to 3rdaxis for pushing me to do my own texture on a 3d model after 4 days i finally did it with blender!
Thanks to knorr for using his bucket and ramp from the soutpark table(i made the layout almost the same.) 
Thanks to ninuzzu for letting me use parts from the Super Mario Brothers (1992) table
November 16, 2007
I was in the hardware store buying super mario galaxy for the Wii! This was something new, mario in space, walking around planets with nice music! When i saw there where only 2 mario pinball tables i needed to make the thirt one.
This is an original table, with everything included in the vpx file, and it doesn't need any external program to run. It can be run in desktop mode and in FS mode. The DMD will rotate accordingly. This is a 5 ball game with on 3,6 and 9 million an extra ball. This table is with ball savers on the side for more playing time!
For this table you can play as:
mario - diffrent playerball/ball lost dmd/ slingshot player and 50+ own sounds
luigi - diffrent playerball/ball lost dmd/ slingshot player and 50+ own sounds
peach - diffrent playerball/ball lost dmd/ slingshot player and 50+ own sounds
wario - diffrent playerball/ball lost dmd/ slingshot player and 50+ own sounds
- Each round you have the opportunity to defeat bowser. Kamek put a targetbank spell up, so first you need to hit the targetbank 3 times before you can hit browser 5 times after that. Can you defeat browser 5 times and win the super jackpot?
- Defeat spike,boo,koopa,goomba and bomb after 5 times hitting the target you will get an extra ball(if multiball is not enabled allready)
- Did you find the switch for king boo? he will send his boo army up and you can hit the boo's(code modified from the ghostbusterslimer table jpsalas) for extra bonuspoints--
- Hit the flag for extra points!
- There is a slotmachine in the castle, do you get lucky?
- Get all 8 galaxy's (Terrace, Fountain, Kitchen, Bedroom, Engine Room, Garden, Comet Observatory, Trial) so you collect all the letters smgalaxy for an extra multiball bonus
- Hit the yoshi bucket and have 25% change to find a yoshi egg, after 5 eggs a multiball bonus is waiting.
Leave a message behind and rank the table please!
Mushroom on! 

Contact Author First.
v10.6 required

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This table is a blast!  The sheer amount of content to discover during play is pretty amazing.  So many voice lines and sound effects that never feel overused or annoying,  and I just love the quality DMD.  I highly recommend this table, and everything else I've experienced created by Remdwaas to be honest, very talented creator!

I know I'll be returning to defeat Kamek and Bowser again and again for sure :3

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What a load of fun this table is! For somebody just getting into VP this is an AWESOME all in one game. Thanks so much for a table that has all files in one. GREAT JOB!!!

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This table is a must have for any collector, Super genious. well designed.  fun for hours and hours! Great work!

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