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Remdwaas pokemon pinball

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2021 Year

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I choose you Pikachu!
First my thanks to JP! thanks for letting me use your ramp from zelda, pikachu, eggs, some sounds and the pokemonballs. Also thanks again for helping troubleshooting the table and helping with some of the code.(when finished i had 11 issues) I'm so happy that JP always willing to help me, if i'm stuck. I really love his Pokémon table! 
This is an original table, with everything included in the vpx file, and it doesn't need any external program to run. It can be run in desktop mode and in FS mode. The DMD will rotate accordingly. 
It was 1999 and Pokémon came out for the Gameboy with all the nostalgic sounds! I remember playing while i was 13 years old and i thought that my accu was broken because a Pokémon was poisoned and the screen did weird. Next year i had Pokémon yellow and for the first time Pokémon pinball(2000).
This table is based on pokemon pinball(gameboy pokedex graphics)/ pokemon pinball ruby/ Pokémon Red en Blue(Gameboy) as well the first season of Pokémon the anime series. I made the playfield almost the same as Pokémon pinball ruby, but i use the pokecenter instead of a pokemarkt.(i don't have a flying bird or egg's that hatch) I only focus on the first 151 Pokémon's because that remembers me of my childhood. 
You are ash and start in pallet town, you have to catch Pokémon's, do battles and win gym badges, just like the original Pokémon games. 
The features of this table.

This table has like the original no multiballs, because that makes it nostalgic(just like Pokémon pinball from the Gameboy).

for this table i made more than 1100 dmd pictures, own letterype, 233 upperflashers for the town names/ catch update/ animations, 246 pokedex items / pokemons / towns / animations. 

After 284 3d object for this table i stopped counting...

The script is more than 15.000 lines

This table has 2 Pikachu ball savers and a 60 second ball saver if you play the ball in the pokecenter. If you hit the spinner the Pikachu ball saver lights will be activated.

I use 78 Pokémon 3d objects from Pokémon quest(to let it look more authentic/old) with the 78 Gameboy sounds from the Pokémon's.(for the catching Pokémon part) 

When you get the letters BAL then the ball will be upgraded and changed in another poke ball.(just like in pokemon pinball)

instead of sprout i used weepingbell, to start the catchmode. (weepingbell/victorybell always eat James from team rocket)

When the catch mode start you also have to hit the bumpers 3 times before the poke ball in the middle will open(thnx for helping with the magnet JP) to get the Pokémon appear on the playfield.

There is a 30 second time bonus to catch the Pokémon in the time for extra points. (i didn't want the Pokémon disappear because i would be frustrated and it has to be playable) 

after hitting the Pokémon 3 times, shoot the middle from the poke ball again to really catch the pokemon.(there will be a 3d animation)

after catching and a Pokémon you can evolve the Pokémon(if its possible) hit the pokemoncenter and start evolve modus. You now need to hit the 3 letters E V O. (this is also from pokemon pinball only they use x-something) 

Now again hit the poke ball in the middle if it opens after you get the letters EVO.

There are 4 bonus games on this table. If you evolve a Pokémon for the first time, the bonus game will start in the playfield below. I used the same layout of the bonus games that is used in the original pokemon pinball. 

In this pinball version you can also travel to other city's, but you have to battle first with trainers

There are 27 trainers and 8 gymleaders

When traveling, the pokebattlefield(8 times) will change and also the car on the monorail(3 times).

You have a 50% change to win the battle, so you can also loose a battle and then you have to try again.

To access the battle cave you have first have to move snorlax in front of the cave, hit 3 times the target near the cave so you will get the poke flute and ash and his friends will move snorlax away in the dmd.

You can get a gym badge after the third battle that you win, after the gymbadge, travel start and the arrows of the lanes will blink to shoot. It works the same as Pokémon pinball, you need to get the 3 triggers in the left en right lane above and then travel will blink. then you can shoot the ball in the pokecenter to travel to the next city.

you start in pallet town and after one battle that you win, travel will start.

This table has also a 2x and 3x bonus multiplier

You can get the letters POKE from the lanes below for a 50k bonus

You can hit the targets MASTER for a 100k bonus

With 3,5 and 7 million you will get an extra ball for more playing time.

This table has only a target bonus at the end of a ball lost because you will get many points with battling/ catching and evolving Pokémon.

Play tip: if the ball comes from the right upper lane just leave your flippers and don't try to hit the ball, 9 from the 10 times it will come on the edge of your left flipper!
This pin cost me 6 weeks to build. Please leave a reply(so much appreciated) and rank the table! I will be busy the most of this year with my study and have to put  my other projects on hold. Maybe later i will post another pinball project.
I hope you like it and how many Pokémon do you catch? 
Like my other tables i have a normal table and flex table.

v10.6 required

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I love this table. It's wonderful to catch Pokemon.

The theme is well implemented and very nice to play

I should actually award 5 stars for this.




Even in the third update, many image settings have to be changed manually.

Some things are easy to change.

I have not yet managed to convert all 27 trainers and 8 gym leaders.

You can see what I mean on the screenshot.


Nevertheless, this is a great table that I play again and again when I have a lot of time.

You need these to catch them. 😀





Pokemon Pinball (Orginal 2021) remdwaas 1.3 Vpx6.jpg

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This is a wonderful take on the Gameboy Pokémon pinball games in VP format. You can catch and evolve Pokémon, take place in random Pokémon battles, and even has a tiny lower playfield for special encounters. Its an easy table with Nurse Joy giving plenty of ball save timers. The animations and voice lines are great too! Certainly easy to lose a lot of time playing, as there is so much to keep you occupied.


After receiving my Pokéballs and Pokédex from Prof Oak I was on my way to becoming the very best, the best that ever was, and the rest is history as they say.  

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Love this table. Is there a way to make the DMD larger? It's hard to enjoy the great graphics on the small DMD


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tempted to make a puppack for this tabel now! lol I love this table! that snorelax is amazing! flows so well. my daughter loves playign this one. THank you


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