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Time Line (Gottlieb 1980)

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BorgDog Created by
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BorgDog Scripting by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1980 Year

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evidently I missed re-uploading this one in my upload binge after the vpinball demise. nothing changed, original description below.


scantily clad amazon warrior women playing nuclear tic-tac-toe with a laser wielding time traveling robot evidently made sense to someone for a pinball machine theme in 1980, because here it is.

basically hit target banks and rollovers to place X's on the tic-tac-toe board, for each X you place the computer places an O.  plunge to the mini playfield in the upper left, clear 7 drop targets there to get the center X, you have 10 or so seconds to do so once you hit one before the flippers die.  you can return to the shooter lane through the small gap to the loop at the top then any of the drops you hit on the main playfield prior to that point count towards the 7.  the 2 digit display on the backglass is your bonus count.  most of the info on what to hit to get what square is printed on the playfield.


scratch built from a scan of the playfield and plastics and new db2s from a photo.


thanks to @bord, @scottacus, and @Thalamus for play testing, extra thanks to bord for instructing me on blender shadow making (I almost understand what I'm doing now), and extra thanks to thalamus for the included nvram that sets the replay levels and options as well as the landscape POV file, table comes setup for playfield in portrait orientation which is how I have my cabs setup.

v10.6 optional

What's New in Version 1.0.3


forgot the nvram file that sets the settings as described in the description.

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You had me at "scantily clad amazon warrior women" :) Table looks and plays great, thanks for sharing.

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One of my favorite 80s Gottlieb tables.


Thanks, BorgDog.

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