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Whirl-Wind (Gottlieb 1958)

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bord Created by
bord Artwork by
scottacus Scripting by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1958 Year

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Whirl-Wind is a great example of a classic Gottlieb woodrail. Like many of this era, it has gobble holes, a roto target, alternating scoring lamps and a lot of bumpers. What makes this game unique is the center kicker between the flippers that launches the ball toward the roto target. It keeps the gameplay lively and offers a unique flipper configuration.


@scorpion approached me about building this game some months ago. He provided photos and even measurements. From there I started rebuild/redraw work on the playfield and plastics.  Thankfully @scottacus was available on the scripting side of things.


A quick word about what Scott was able to accomplish for this game: the peculiarities of how a roto target works, how it spins, stops, and indexes, were all thought through and brought to life in the coolest way possible. Even the lamps at the gobble holes light properly as the target spins. It is really something to see. So extra thanks to Scott beyond his normal excellence at bringing EMs to life for the ingenuity on display.


Source images: scorpion
Scripting/rules/ideas: scottacus
Graphics/models/physics: bord
Audio: whirlwind


Thanks also to the handful of beta testers that offered great feedback.


Game notes:

  • The script has an option to enable the manual ball lift (authentic).
  • I modeled the entire cabinet for this game so if someone is inclined to create a VR version I'm happy to share my files for it.
  • Don't smoke. It looks cool but only another smoker will ever want to kiss you. Also it is really bad for you.
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· Edited by Dillmonger


I had to look twice at that screenshot cause I thought it was just a photo of the actual pin. I'm still in awe. Outstanding work.

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Thank's to the team, Bord, Scotatus and Scorpion.

I love to discover gameplay of this era, and this one seems to be beautifully reproduced.

Thank you !

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well, you don't get much more realistic than this.... a true master of the craft!!

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