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Card Whiz (Gottlieb 1976)

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BorgDog Created by
BorgDog, popette Artwork by
BorgDog Scripting by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1976 Year

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re-upload of table on vpinball.com, no changes or testing has occurred.


Gottlieb's 1976 Card Whiz.  This 2 player table was also made in a much more common 4 player version, Royal Flush.  I'm partial to 2 player machines, so made Card Whiz, but it would be a fairly easy conversion to Royal Flush if there is enough demand for the 4 player as well (I don't have that many friends). As far as I can tell this truly em scripted version of royal Flush or Card Whiz has not been made in vp before, although there was a couple versions that used the 1983 Royal Flush Deluxe rom with this playfield (no I don't know the gameplay differences), and there is an FP version as well.


the playfield started with Popette's FP version, and has been much modified/upscaled/stretched etc to more accurately match images of stripped playfields I found as well as better match the playfield map from the Royal Flush manual which I found online (don't tell Steve @ PBR).  Most if not all the insert images were replaced with better copies I found on line.


The image for the backglass came from a collection by Scott Amus on flickr.


Couple things I'm not sure on, the first is the ball return gate.  The rollover on the right opens the gate so the ball can return to the plunger lane.  I'm fairly certain that once it does the trigger in the plunger lane closes the gate and also fairly certain the kick hole on the right side of the playfield also closes it, just not sure if those are the only things??  The rollover in the plunger lane would also be triggered and close the ball return gate on the next plunge.  The other thing that I'm not sure of is that post on the left side that deflects balls coming down from the upper left joker rollovers.  In watching videos there seems to be some wide variety in how that deflects, and actually a lot of times it seems to not get hit at all which happens very rarely on my version.  I'm pretty sure I have it in the right spot, but I think something above that may be causing the ball to miss it.. again not sure, having never actually played on in the wild that I can recall.


Directb2s included, hold down left flipper before starting a game to get some options.


As usual thanks to everyone for everything, blah blah blah..


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