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Darling (Williams 1973)

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BorgDog Created by
HauntFreaks Artwork by
BorgDog Scripting by
Williams Manufacturer
1973 Year

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another vpinball.com re-upload, no changes made


original description and changelog


So I started on this table like 2 years ago, got sidetracked by other things and somewhere along the line lost everything I had done on it, including a playfield redraw I had started on.  I found bits and pieces again, including a start on a db2s hauntfreaks had done touchup on the artwork for.  So I finished up the db2s and put the table together.  I always thought the 5 ball captive ball thing was pretty cool so was fun to get it going.  Hauntfreaks came through again with a redraw of the playfield and fixing all my lighting for me and sliderpoint provided feedback as usual. Gameplay is pretty basic so scripting was fairly straight forward although I did try a few new things out that I ended up incorporated into my base template.  I made some new primitives as well while slowly learning fusion 360.

Includes my version of the loserman and gnance option menu, hold down left flipper before starting a game for 3 or 5 ball, free play, and extra ball options.

Also includes the db2s and portrait and landscape POV files.


1.1.1 fix (hopefully) for occasional lost ball from captive balls.

1.1  Updates.

fancy new plastics thanks to Scotty VH!

changes to db2s suggested by Scottacus to make match more visible

fixed match in scripting so it all works.. I think also found by Scottacus, thanks!

note match does not show when playing in extra ball mode.

1.0 initial release


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Surprised there aren't more tables with a captured ball mechanic like this!  But trying to get those balls to stay on the side I want them is...something.  Would be 100% a fun challenge, if the kickers didn't send the ball into the outlanes so often.  Coin-guzzling mechanics of the era, I suppose.


Table recreation itself is great!  I did notice it was running super slow in the editor at first, so I checked the primitives...there were 20 screws with 2000 polygons each.  You absolute madman.  Edit:  I just discovered the use of the "Editor" setting in the Primitive/Visuals settings, and lowering that to 0.25 for all the screws and nuts gives the editor some breathing room.  Jubilee is still the better name!

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