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Alien Star (Gottlieb 1984)

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4.9 From 10 reviews
30.83 MB File Size
alienstr ROM Name
BorgDog Created by
BorgDog, HauntFreaks Artwork by
BorgDog Scripting by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1984 Year

1 Screenshot

Alien Star, a single level 2-ball multiball table from 1984.  I ran across this watching some Papa videos online and decided I needed to play it.  There were a couple vp9 versions out there, but I don't play those so I took the map from the manual and started building from scratch (well ok, I stripped down Hollywood Heat and used that as the base).. fast forward a few days and here we are.

I know there are many inaccuracies with the table, and missing artwork and whatnot, but until I have better resources to work with this is what we have.  I do think it plays well and is a lot of fun, be sure to watch some videos for tips on how to score big.. hint involves right-inlane and spinner + multiball if you can manage it.

Thanks to hauntfreaks as usual for graphics help and play testing.  download contains a directb2s that was a complete rebuild of wildman's on VPU with new art and lighting.  also contains portrait and landscape POV files (table set portrait for my cabs). 


NOTE: table is a couple years old, have not tested on 10.7 beta. 


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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

When I got into this crazy 'hobby' a few years ago, I stumbled on this build and it was amongst a handful of tables I got running that made me realize this vp stuff is badass and not a video game.  

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   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

High adrenaline and extremely rewarding, one of the all time VPX greats!


P.S. @rjclarkee..well if it is "super" why only 4-stars? Bit of an oxymoron bruh?

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   0 of 2 members found this review helpful 0 / 2 members

Super table many thanks sir

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I don't know why i'm discovering your table so late, but it's an amazing discovery !
Thank you !

An old brutal table perfectly redone in vpx !

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I just discovered this table.  Amazing job on this.  It's a fun table to play and I really like the sound effects and light show.  One of my favorites now.  Thank you for making this table!

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Very fun table. One of those that seems like it's especially eager to eat my imaginary quarters as quickly as possible, but in a way that makes it rewarding when you do mildly well. Thanks for sharing!

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Table does play and work well with 10.7, I'm having fun with it, thanks for sharing.

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Once again surprised to find a pinball that I did not have.
Can only say it is fun and the game is straightforward.
So thank you once again for a great experience.

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Fantastic version......a really fun table as are a lot of the 80's Gottliebs.........I own ROCK, another 80's Gottlieb and same rules apply for good scores - spinner all day.  Thanks for the work and effort.  Mucho appreciated!!

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