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I Dream of Jeannie Pinball VPX

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95.92 MB File Size
genie ROM Name
CryptDoctor21 - Xenonph Created by
Original Manufacturer
2019 Year

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I Dream of Jeannie Pinball VPX by CryptDoctor21 and Xenonph

Based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series of 1973
This custom pinball table is a modification of Genie by Gottlieb
originally released by 32assassin, HauntFreaks and Fuzzel
Many thanks to them for their outstanding VPX release of Genie!
Also big thanks to Darquayle for his great backglass which we used
and modified for this project!!

This table is a joint release by Xenonph and myself!  We have had
a really good time modifying this table with the I Dream of Jeannie
theme!!  We hope you all enjoy it!

I did the artwork for the table, plastics and backglass and customized
B2S backglass file.  Backglass is included with the table.

Xenonph did literally everything else including a spectacular sound 
modification and tons of technical additions and adjustments!  Some 
of his improvements include:

Fast Flippers added
updated script with new controller method

JPSalas GI Effect added to script for twinkling table lights!

various script changes including music options
magna save music off option
POV settings for full screen and desktop
plunger adjustments
kick out hole adjustments
lighting adjustments
graphic fixes
rubber height adjustments
purple LED displays
various physics adjustments
sooo much more!!!

Xenonph's AMAZING sound mod includes:

dozens and dozens of actual sounds from the TV cartoon.
3 different versions of the theme music which play randomly between games.
many comical and wacky sounds that are hilarious
Jeannie's voice
many of the targets and switches have several sound options
which make each game a unique experience!

This project is very much an equal partnership between Xenonph
and myself!!  I got the ball rolling with a fun weekend project...
and Xenonph has dedicated many hours of his time...and used many
of his skills to bring this table to the next level!!

We are both very pleased with the final result and we hope all
will have a great time playing and experiencing...

I Dream of Jeannie Pinball


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· Edited by Hawk1964


I love this table. It brings back wonderful memories of a classic TV show.  The game play is relaxed and fun. The soundtrack fits the bill and the game images are perfection. Kudo's and thanks for the build. It could only get better with a Pup Pack of show clips.

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