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Desktop Patch for Elvis_NightMod_PhysMod_1.0.vpt by Javier15 (coolball for the Desktop-Patch)

Thank you Javier15 for the King of Rock'n Roll table and the permission to mod.

Thanks Credits:

JP: Original Table and Scriptw li

Johanpsu: Sound Samples used in the original

Dark: Primitive bolts and screws used

Zany: Primitive Flasher Domes, Lamp Lights, Bumper Caps, and Wire Rings used

LoadedWeapon: Reworked Images, New ramps, Apron, Updated with neghting and updated script etc..

Changes i´ve done

- added new Backdrop

- change the values to create a desktop version

- adjusts the flashers

Download and use the VPU Patching System - VPPatch - 32bit & 64bit 1.02 to create the Mod


Download the original Table: "Elvis_NightMod_PhysMod_1.0.vpt" / http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/3186-elvis-nightmod-stern-2004-fs-physmod/

Use the Mod: "Elvis_NightMod_PhysMod_1.0b_DT.dif"

Have fun

To Apply a patch:

a. If you do not already have the table that the patch was created for; you will need to download that file.

Read the "ReadMe.txt" file that comes with the patch download. The file should contain a link to the original file that the patch is based on.

b. Make sure that you are on the "Apply Patch" tab located at the top of the window.

c. Under "Original Table (Unmodified)". Click on "Choose" and then select the Original Unmodified Table that the patch was created for.

d. Under "New Table Patch" click on "Choose" and select the patch file (.dif) that you want to apply to the table.

e. Under "New Table File Name". Type in the name that you want to call your new table. Make sure that the file name ends in .vpt.

f. Click "Apply Patch" - You will get a pop-up window indicating the location where your new file was created. This should be in the "mods" folder located in the same folder as the VPPatchXX.exe.

If you have made any changes to the original table release then this patch will not work.


What's New in Version PhysMod_1.0b_DT   See changelog


  • change the right flipper settings for a better shot

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