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Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern, 2006, 85vett, FS) 1.2

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Here is my first from scratch build all done myself (little script help from luvthatapex and JPSalas with the spinning disk animation).

This is one of my favorite tables so I wanted to do a detailed recreation of the table. Some of the plastics are not factory recreations but the table itself is. I also added a couple extra (like the cannon blast). Their are two version of the table. The normal version requires a pretty strong PC to run it due to the image resolution. The low res version should work on most PC's. Their are A LOT of alpha flashers though so if you still can't run the table you may need to start commenting out some of the non-critical ones (I.E. the non back panel light bulb ones).

You will need the SAM files for VP. These are available on this site in the download section.

You will also need the ROM. It is on the stern website (Click here for ROM information)

Their is a direct B2S backglass available already (thanks Wildman). and the media pack is here - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2459-pirates-of-the-caribbean-stern-2006-85vett-fs-101/

If you wish to mod the table an release it please let me know. That is not an option so I selected "no" for the permission to mod.

I've got over 200 hours in this table so I hope you all enjoy. Only semi bug I am aware of is the ball hangs up at the one way diverter on the right ramp sometimes. I've played with it a lot and haven't been able to get it better. The ball can be moved with a light nudge so it shouldn't be a show stopper.

Change log 1.2 (10/15/2013):

  • Fixed left and right sling registry
  • Adjusted B2S setting to get rid of line 1203 error
  • Adjusted the 3 green lights above ramp to not be cut off at the top
  • Fixed ball hang up problem at bottom of right ramp
  • Fixed ball hang up problem at top or right ramp
  • Fixed ball hang up problem at bottom pop bumper (when ejected from liars dice)
  • Corrected Parlay switch (was part of the problem with the 1203 error)
  • Adjusted flipper physics to allow for easier center shots (faster, less power, oblique) also increased end angle by 5 degrees
  • Reduced tilt power and sensitivity. Should allow for nudges without the quick tilt now
  • Couple other adjustments that I just can’t recall at this time

Change log 1.3 (10/27/2013)

  • Added ball drop sounds
  • Fixed "jack the monkey" scoop
  • Flipper physics adjusted again
  • Adjusted output angle of "liars Dice" kick-out
  • Adjusted fix for pop bumper ball stuck situation

Change log 1.4 (12/24/2013)

  • Placed a wall at the plank to prevent ball from getting stuck behind bumper.
  • Fixed flasher over "Jake the Monkey" sign
  • Combined Zip file for one download for both hi and low res tables

Thanks to everyone for the tips and suggestions. Keep them coming.


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