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Volkan Steel and Metal (Original 2023)

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onevox & oqqsan Created by
onevox Artwork by
oqqsan Scripting by
Original Manufacturer
2023 Year

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An Original by onevox & oqqsan


onevox: Game Concept, Layout & Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Sound Design
oqqsan:  Programming, Lighting Design, Special Effects, Animations, Game & Rules Improvements 


apophis: Fleep sounds, nFozzy physics, DOF, Consulting
leojreimroc & sixtoe: VR Implementation

Testing by VpinWorkshop: Bietekwiet, PinStratsDan, H3RBSKIx, leojreimroc, JoePicasso, Smaug, porggy, sixtoe, bord, iaakki, Thalamus, fluffhead, tyson171, Wylte, Arelyel Krele, Primetime5k, Robby King Pin


Special thanks to Joe Picasso, the VPX dev team, and DJRobX & Rusty Cardores for SSF 


Attract Music: Industrial Elegance by Gooseworx 


Volkan Steel & Metal is a unique game with toggled scoring where some strategically placed targets change scoring to Player 2 (Robert Baron), and others change it back to Player 1 (Capt. Tweed). In a one player game, your goal is retain as much of the "money" as possible. Once a score is awarded, it is retained by the player.


Hold Left MagnaSave button to display game info, Right MagnaSave to flip pages

The backstory will help understand the rules and concept:

Volkan Steel & Metal is an original game design based on a late 1800s Steampunk metal factory founded by Capt. Augustus Tweed in the town of Irongate. The Company found massive success with Tweed's discovery that Strontium, when used in alloys, makes metals stronger and lighter. This proved valuable in the development of Steampunk airships, devices and prosthetics. Competitors were unsuccessful in re-creating Tweed's formulas, so their tactics turned ruthless. Tweed's sister, Abigail, naively met and married Mr. Robert Baron while in college, and convinced her brother to hire Baron at Volkan to improve their standing in the community. But Tweed suspects Baron is trying to take control of the Company, or is a spy trying to steal the formulas. Robert and Abigail think Tweed is paranoid. 


Your goal is to complete orders for metals and alloys while retaining as much of the Volkan’s profits. To complete an order, you will need Coal (saucer) to stoke the Blast Furnace (upper left VUK) and raise the temperature. You will also need a certain amount of Steam and Electricity for each order to run the factory. And, of course, the necessary ores needed for each order: Iron, Copper, Tin, and Zinc bumpers & Carbon standup. Plus, Volkan’s secret element: Strontium drop targerts. Once everything is collected for each order, the Blast Furnace door opens in the upper center. A successful shot completes the order.



Build your fortune by running Volkan Steel  & Metal. Your money is collected in Tweed’s bank account. But your scheming brother-in-law, Robert Baron, will STEAL your money and MEDDLE in your affairs if you’re not careful. Two Baron Blue standups switch scoring from Tweed's Player 1 score to Baron's Player 2 score.  Two Tweed Green targets switch scoring from Baron’s score back to Tweed’s  score. Play as Baron! Use flippers to choose if you want to play as Tweed or Baron before launching Ball 1.

Must be selected before first ball is launched. In a two player game where Tweed is Player 1 and Baron is Player 2, both players can add to their own score and switch scoring to their opponent with the Blue and Green targets. So keep an eye on the center console (apron) light, playfield lights or backbox to see who has control. Player with the most money at the end of the game takes control of Volkan.

Hold Left MagnaSave button for game info, Right MagnaSave to flip pages

v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


1.3 - Fixes odd "reflections" from variable flasher flash effect added to 1.2

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Absolutely awesome, unique rule set, graphics, sounds, physics etc.  This is the best table on VPX in my opinion.  

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Wow, what an amazing and geniously crafted fun table. Fantastic backstory! And very addicting. My Mom was visiting and I showed her the VolKan table and I read her the back story. To say she really enjoyed this table is beyond words. She loved the fact that it also helped her score better the worse I played. Lol  One thing you remember for sure is when somebody asks you to play the table again after they've played it the first time. That tells me a whole lot about how much she enjoyed this table. And how much we enjoyed playing it together. Thank you so much @Onevox & @oqqsan  for creating it. Highly recommended for families.

Response from the author:

I always thought two player games would be more fun. But never imagined it would be with your mom! Glad to hear it. Go Mom!  @tartzani

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qualidade e a melhor possivel

Response from the author:


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I'm generally not into the whole steampunk thing. That theme is so fitting for a pinball table it's absolutely crazy and this table is an absolute work of art. I can't believe how good this table looks, plays and sounds.


Thanks so much for this guys. The generosity you shower on us is appreciated.

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New to this, do I need a rom?  Looks fun to play :)

Response from the author:

Sorry for delayed reply. If you're still wondering: No rom needed.

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Amazing, I agree with all of the raves here.  On thing I think is super cool is the use of the subwoofer and soundscape to build a steam factory feel.  Never felt or heard anything like it!

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Gorgeous table and the lighting is fantastic, one question?? Why doesn't the table keep high score, I scored 400k plus and still not able to save my High score, is see it is in the script???? Any help with this would be great!! 

Response from the author:

Some fixes on high score coming on 1.2

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This is a work of art. Possibly the best original table I've ever played. I can't even imagine how much work this took, the level of detail is simply staggering. I will be diving deep into this table over the coming weeks. Congratulations to onevox & oqqsan for setting the bar so high.

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This table is unbelievably good. I wish the big pinball companies would get a clue. So original and creative, flawless gameplay, top notch SSF and sounds choices, and gorgeous lighting. Fan-fucking-tastic. 

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· Edited by boardhead


Nice work -  great artwork and  SSF sound effects. This one's a keeper.

Thank you!


Just installed V1.2 - and got the B2S DMD placed.  Damn - I love this table!

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What can I say that hasn't been said already. This table is fantastic in Pancake and especially VR Mode. First thing I noticed was how easy it was to control the ball, the table plays great and is very addictive. The sounds and callouts are top-notch and add to the immersion, thanks for sharing this beauty. 

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Spectacular on every level, thank you for your brilliance and attention to detail, hands down one of THE best tables ever made. Thank You!

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· Edited by zr02gon


wow, this table is awesome. sound effects and voices are excellent. one of my top 5 fave original tables. Thanks!!

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magnifique tout simplement, physique au top merci pour ce travail de folie 

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MINDBLOWING!!!! This is an outstanding pinball table! great game play awesome graphics. stellar sound,music and character voices. thank you!!

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In the immortal words of Jeff Spicoli:  "Awesome...totally awesome!"


I can give no higher praise than this.  Well done.

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Absolute masterpiece. Best original table to date and a showpiece for the virtual pinball. The SSF is beyond words.

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Instantly have added to my favorites. Can't add anymore to what has already been said. Amazing stuff here. Thanks to all for this fantastic table.

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