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Back To The Future (MOD) by NitroNimbus c/w Pup Pack 1.0.1

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About This File

Well what can I say, it is BTTF.

Please check the options menu at the top of the script.

You can do many things including pup-packs on apron, lighting, flipper colours or turn on my added 88MPH timer

that awards a skill shot if ya lucky enough to get it.

Hope you enjoy, cheers!


Download includes:

Table, animated wheel and text file with pup-pack link.

Modded Altsound, some call-out changes and better quality music.


Table Author: @cyberpez   Awesome table mate!!

AltSound: @Apophis was kind enough to let me share my modded version of his work.

Table MOD: @NitroNimbus  Playfield, plastics, lighting, sounds, call-outs, models and animations.

Pup-Pack: I made some changes but have no idea who made it. I tried my best to find out.

Please let me know if it was you, so I can  give you credit or remove if you like.


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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

i never cared for this table, until now. This version looks and plays so good.

Thank you.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Amazing work on this, love the cool animations added to the table.

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This is so badass it hurts.... You are to vpx what Terry Red is to FP...

I had to turn off the apron pup pack aqnd it sped up my poor rx570...

I love the way the delorean animation crashes when the game ends.....haha LEGEND


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Awesome new table update and new pup pack!! Thank you! The apron video were nice touch as well.

new bttf.jpg

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Absolutely loved playing this version, and i didn't even have the pup-pack installed.

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OMG this table smokes! This table is mind numbingly awesome…..seriously on sensory overload when playing it. So many great ideas implemented perfectly here. Love the skill shot…what a great idea. Love all the great effects like the lightning flashes and the Delorean blowing up. Also really enjoy the pup pack and apron videos. What a great idea….I can’t recall this being done before….must be a first. Superb effort!! Thanks so much for creating and sharing.

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This is amazing! There is so much to love about this table, having to reach 88 mph to get the skill shot is genius and all the gfx adds to the experience. The altsound pack and pup pack elevate the table even further, fantastic work!

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This is a fantastic MOD! Everything about the table is Next Level. The PUP updates are mostly good. Not updating the stupid and annoying callouts in the pup is  disappointing. That being said; the table animations, the inclusion of an 88mph skill shot option, the Biff Casino laser light show, and the other (too many to list) upgrades make this the best version of BTTF to date. 


Response from the author:

Hi Meatballsaucey,

Mate love ya show, to the point and honest.

Your review of my Pink Floyd table sort of shocked me, and your right Earth Shaker sux.

But Pink Floyd  makes it better.


Glad you liked BTTF, but I am uncertain about the pup-pack call outs you mentioned.

I muted basically all of them but draining the ball.

All call outs I added to the sound manager or they are part of the

AltSound. So the pup-pack is not at fault, it was me!!, cheers!





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great work, everything just feels right. love the vids on apron. I hope more can do this. great job to all involved 


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I set this up and wow I was pretty blown away, I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely will play it again.  Definitely one of my favourites of this particular table.

Played using Altsound and this 3 Screen Backglass, no Pup Pack


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