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Endless Summer V09.7.9

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2020 and runnning Year

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Here we go again ;-). Previously available at Vpinball, I did some updates to my surfing themed pinball. Still, no nice shiny ramps. I dont have the knowledge nor time to get friend with blender. If anyone wants to help, you are are more than welcome! Its intended for a 3 screen cabinet, VPX 10.7.2,  UltraDMD (FlexDMD should work as well) and Pup. I recommend to read the rules at the top of the script. Expect some minor bugs, esp. when modes get on top of each other. But there should be no game stopper. Dont be too harsh, remember I am a total noob at any programming language. I teached and learned by myself by reading scrpits of other tables. (this also means, if you discover any problems with your setup, its most likely I cannot help you in any way, sadly) ' Big thanks to Thalamus, bord, JP Salas, Flupper, DJRobX, NailBuster, TerryRed, ninuzzu, HauntFreaks, ROM, rothbauerw, borgdog, Mussinger, toxie, JR, randr, GTO77,  BeachBumTN, ScottyVH, ScottyWic, fuzzel, Schreibi34, MajorFrenchy, gtxjoe, supered, 3rdaxis, wrd1972, sliderpoint, mfuegemann, all those that I forgot: sorry dudes, and all the beta-testers who helped and encouraged me!
 (some of the above mentioned dont even know that they helped me somehow 😉 )

Get the UltraDMD here: https://mega.nz/file/MfBnyJSS#7ct0qB_1IxmFNavhKVEx7104tF9KTSJkAktbCpB3gJk

Get the PupPack here: https://mega.nz/file/MGx0jbBR#uzNwVZz7kn8FmqfgH7uduOhaDSfLJuzcyG8tica-2Uk

Wheel1: https://mega.nz/file/0XYXlYLa#_dOKRHIczNW40Tn18zu29x8STjmAOKrF-JP3AI1sOS0

Wheel2: https://mega.nz/file/9KJjhQiD#py4Aiahg1JHzCVrC8XSOdjpUt6Q6zSVubm_y4bY3ImA

Have fun & hang loose

(and if you gonna sell this software somehow: burn in hell and may the bugs be with you!)

v10.7 required

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