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Gorgar (MOD) by NitroNimbus

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179.08 MB File Size
grgar_l1 ROM Name
Fuzzel, Bigus1, Gedankekojote97, NitroNimbus Created by
Williams Manufacturer
1979 Year

1 Screenshot

VPX conversion of my FP MOD of Gorgar.

Full credit to the table author and others who have also modded this table.

Special mention to Slamt1lt who made the original FP version that I used many resources and idea's from.


Muted the ROM and added sound effects, music, lights, animations and general touch ups here and there.

I also added some extra's bits.

BALL SAVER: We all need one of those.

SCORCHED BALL: Put the ball in the Hell Hole and it will burn the ball and get darker each time you do, resets at every new ball.

HELL BAT or DEMON BALL: This can only happen once per ball.

When you hit the snake pit you will have a change to battle the Hell Bat (black ball) or a Gorgar Demon (red ball).

If you can get it in the burning Hell Hole you WIN..., if it drains you LOSE... each time it gets harder win or lose.

I implemented this feature for all 4 players, it remembers how many battles each player has and adjusts accordingly.

Hope you enjoy it, cheers!






v10.7 required

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

The sound effects pull you in then the flames take it to another level, then you got lighting choices. Fantastic mod, gives this beauty a whole new life.

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I'm an absolute purist and I don't play with mods.


But your musical and sound background is hellishly good.

It increases the attractiveness of the original.


My congratulations.

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As I was playing the other mod version here I thought, wouldn't it be nice to be able to play the other MOD version I played of this table using FP. Not even a minute later doing a search i see this. AWESOME!!


Thanks for porting this over to VPX. I'm not going back to FP anytime soon so I hope to see more of your fine work here.

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This is so much better than other versions of this table. I made a folder just for your mods.

Thank you.

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This update is FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!  It reminds me of Sinistar...run coward. Many thanks to all concerned.PLUR

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fantasticos efectos de sonido! yo quitaria las llamas en los hoyos... se puede?

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review and 5 stars, much appreciated, cheers!


To turn off the hole flames find this SUB in the script  and change "If flames = 0 then"  to  "If flames = 1 then".


Sub fireleft_Timer()
If flames = 0 then   '<-----change 0 to a 1 will turn off the flames
fireleft.enabled = 0
fireleftf001.visible = 0
end if
If flames = 1 then
firelPos = firelPos + 1
If firelpos = 30 then firelpos = 0
fireleftf001.ImageA = "flameB_0" & firelPos
fireleftf001.ImageB = "flameB_01" & firelPos
End If
End Sub

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