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Stranger Things VPX 2.0- TC Deez (New DMD Scenes + FullDMD option with animated B2S & Topper) 1.0.0

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Get ready for Season 4 of Stranger things with an update to the great VPX table from @scottywic! Huge shoutout to Scotty Wic for his fantastic STLE table and puppack and for giving me the permission to make this quick fun project.

Also, big shoutout to the testers: @hawkeyez88, @picasso85, and @nanuk for their informed feedback, time, and effort!


What is this?

New DMD Scenes for ultra dmd built on the Stranger Things VPX table to compliment the great work that went into this original. There are no new modes or cosmetic changes to the table, no need to ruin a fantastic table like this! 

In addition to DMD, if you prefer the active backglass as your full DMD and like the look of an animated B2S, there are new options in script for this as well!

Lastly, I have created a simple interactive topper, similar to the Stern Topper, that can be turned on in script as well.


What is needed:

- Download the zip here.

Move the bgs folder to existing STLE pup pack
Move the topper folder to the existing STLE pup pack
Merge the STLE.UltraDMD folder with the same in the VPX Tables folder.
Download the STLE VPX 2.0-TCDeez  table to your VPX Tables folder.


Choose your layout:

  • (By default, this is set to topper ON, UltraDMD on, Active Backglass on Screen 2)

Search in table Script: TC Deez
By searching TC Deez, you will see each of the few lines that need to be adjusted for your set-up due to Orbital Active backglass use of screens. 

All options are commented out for which features need to be turned off or on for your set-up.


Options are:

Topper (on/off); 

  •  NOTE:  There has been a noted issue at times with the Topper not appearing if an underlay is involved. I have seen it pop above the underlay at times though, its confusing and has a mind of its own. I have it on its own screen and it works then for some reason.  If you are able to solve, please let me know and I will update the table. This was noted at various points in testing but we were unable to solve or narrow down why the issue was occurring.

Ultra DMD (on/off)
Moving Active Backglass to Full DMD ( make it screen 5 in script)
Enable B2S BG (on/off), requires moving of Active backglass to full dmd. Ensure you are changing the Screen numbers appropriately for fulldmd (5)  & pBackglassB2s (2) if you choose to go that route, and that turnonultradmd= 0

Hope everyone enjoys this small passion project and is as excited for Season 4 to release next week as I am!


TC Deez


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