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Attack from mars colorization

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Hmmm... not sure why, but I'm getting yellow and red colors instead of what I was expecting. Using the latest version of everything.

Edit: Ah, seems the firmware on the Pin2DMD was out of date. AFM is working fine now, but now my Pin2DMD thinks it's not activated and the Pin2DMD.exe says the firmware is not supported. Hmmm.

Addendum: Got that too. Looks like I needed to upgrade the STM firmware. Seems everything is working nicely now.

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Tell me scenes which didn't colorized.

I finally remember to get back to testing this, you mentioned them in your release post "Few scenes in total annihilation is not finished, but other scenes is ok"


The ones I noticed are the left orbit and the left ramp, they are mirrored versions of the right orbit and ramp animations, right is coloured, left is not.


I'll post a video when youtube finish processing my edits.


Only minor issue, but they do stand out next to all your other beautiful work on this one.


Thanks again,



Edit: Here is the video, skip to 9:40 for first Total Annihilation, it shows both missing animations. I didn't notice any others. I left the full length game for others to see how good this version is, if they don't already have it.


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