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Physmod 5 and standard VP files uploaded. Again, I adjusted everything for physmod so it plays best but I did a basic conversion down to VP 9.9 for those not on physmod yet.

Thanks to ASOT for the table redraw and plastic resources.

Thanks to GTXJOE for the Buck scripting as well as the rubber sound scripting.

Thanks to kanario40 for the pics of the plastics and PF.

Thanks to DARK for the buck model and help with the 3D ramp

Thanks to my testers for helping to find bugs in the table. Hopefully we've found them all and I've got them all fixed.

***Everyone just needs to know right now that the buck is not 100% and I doubt it will be 100% at any point unless the true rom script can be figured out. Had some of the best minds on that and what I have on it now is the best we could come up with. It's good enough for me as it allows you to play the table but I know some like an exact match. Also, the Elk will get confused sometimes and the Elk wont match the diverter on rare occurrences. This has to do with how the diverter is working. It refreshes itself when it happens so just keep playing on and all will be well.

*** 10-2 Update ***

- Replaced the Elk model with an actual elk. Thanks to Dark for mapping the model for me.

- replaced the script for the Elk to make it smoother. Thanks to GTXJOE for the suggestion to mirror the flipper logo routine

- Updated wall5 to have no friction as requested in the comments section (thanks to Dozer for advising on it first)

- adjusted the physics in physmod5. Just didn't feel right so I tweaked a few things

- removed the "spin" from the bird target on the physmod version. This should make that shot more friendly. It shouldn't drain as often now when you hit it.

- added BMPR lite routine for VP 9.9 version. Also tweaked several other items in this version. Ya'll are way to nice. I broke down and played this version a bit and I didn't like the game play at all. Way to fast, and bad ball movement. I think this version plays much more like a mid 2000 Stern.

- adjusted flipper bounce on physmod5 version. I had the value as 1 and it should have been .1 for the coil return. While in there I adjusted a few more things so you can now do bounce passes. Thanks crazypin for point that out.

- Walls added to flipper entrances to make for a smoother ball roll coming out of the inlanes.

- several other small tweaks done as well

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