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  1. Version 2.`


    This is a modification that I had started last winter and never got around to finishing until now. It is primarily cosmetic. Alpha flashers have been added throughout the table. Upgraded plunger and fading lights routine. Scripting change for selecting controller. I hope everyone enjoys the changes made to the table. Turn it up load and turn out the lights! I would like to thank: JPSalas and Rosve for their great work on the previous versions and allowing the mod. JPSalas for use of his Fading Lights routine and for flasher images. Koadic for use of his plunger method and controller selection code. Aaron James for giving the table a spin and offering suggestions and use of the controller selection code. All the authors, art guys, and other contributors that make this such an enjoyable hobby. Please feel free to let me know that you think...good, bad, or otherwise. It's my first release so if I am doing something wrong, I would like to fix it for the future. Note: This modification was built with VP 9.16 rev 652 and also played with the latest beta. I am not aware of anything that would prevent this from using 9.15. However, the flashers do use Additive BI and maybe a bit strong without it. I would recommend 9.16 or better with this, but feel free to give it a try with 9.15. Version 2.00 Add B2B scripting Night modded. New GI with 6 colors for the user to choose and they can be mixed and matched throughout the table. I really hope you have fun with this. The colors are white, yellow, red, blue, green and purple. Code to overide GI on by location with different colors. Tested with ball size of 50, larger balls will get stuck. JP flipper code The user options section: '*************************************************************************************** '***************** User options for controller and General Illumination **************** '*************************************************************************************** 'Ball size: Values above 50 will likely result in stuck balls. Const BallSize = 50 'Choose Controller: 1-VPM, 2-UVP, 3-dB2S, 4-B2S by Rosve (Please note: If using option 4, all naming convention for table,BG,and Hyperpin still apply.) Const cController = 1 '<-------Select controller here 'Choose GI Colors: 1-Blue, 2-White, 3-Red, 4-Yellow, 5-Green, 6-Purple Const cGI = 4 '<----Selected desired color for GI. Indiviual bulbs can be overriden below. 'GI Colors Layout Select Case cGI Case 1:Bulb_Image = "f14_gib" 'Description: A cool temperature blueish white Case 2:Bulb_Image = "f14_giw" 'Description: A crisper white Case 3:Bulb_Image = "f14_gir" 'Description: A redish white Case 4:Bulb_Image = "f14_giy" 'Description: A warmer yellowish white Case 5:Bulb_Image = "f14_gig" 'Description: A greenish white Case 6:Bulb_Image = "f14_gip" 'Description: Somewhere between pink and purple End Select 'The code below will allow for the user to override the global GI color selected above on individuals areas in the table 'argi126d and argi127d below demonstrate how to override the global GI color. See above for valid values and a description of the color 'This will allow for the user to mix and match as desired. Hopefully you have fun with this! argi7.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Center Target Bank argi7a.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Center Target Bank argi7b.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Center Target Bank argi9a.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right side mid-table under wire form shooter lane argi9b.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right side just above righter upper flipper argi9c.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right side second lamp above upper right flipper argi10.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Upper target banks argi12.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Just above left lower flipper argi13.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Just above right lower flipper argi14.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right sling argi15.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Left slipng argi18.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Left mid table argi19.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right mid under flashers 'The two below need both variables updated argi126d.image = "f14_gir":LGIBulb = "f14_gib" 'Location: Second light above left lower flipper. argi127d.image = "f14_gir":RGIBulb = "f14_gir" 'Location: Second light above right lower flipper. '*************************************************************************************** '*************************************************************************************** '*************************************************************************************** Hope everyone likes it and plays around with the lighting. Please report any issues to the support topic.
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