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NFL (Stern 2001) Titans Hybrid (DT, FS, FSS, VR)

This is a hybrid update to the Stern's NFL Titans released by xenonph. All credits are the same as his release and you need to download his release to get all the additional files (nvram, altsound, and music files). Here is a link to his table download. All the features and options that are in xenonph's release still apply to this update.



This release is only a update table file that includes four views which are Desktop, Fullscreen, Fullscreen Single Screen, and VR (with two VR Room choices, game room and football field). There are options near the top of the script for making changes with descriptions for what they do.


Special thanks go out to xenonph for allowing me permission to update the table.

Thanks to all the contributors to the table over time.

Thanks to the VPW crew for VR room stuff.

Thanks to Rawd for being Rawd. :)




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