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Scared Stiff (Bally 1996) Mikcab_Mod

Thanks to the authors of this table for its creation.

Original VP10 table by Shoopity with elements from Dozer316« mod of the JPSalas·table.

Revived by Hauntfreaks and nFozzy.

additional work by ICPJuggla, Arngrim, Flupper1, Clark Kent.


On the occasion of the release of the RomColor (thanks dtatane), I added some small modifications :

* Fleep mechanical Sounds

* nFozzy physics

* Slingshot correction

* Flippers shadow


Good game 😁


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beautiful work😍

unfortunaly magnasave/LUT  don't work, i can't change GI only with ur version

i'm on vpx 10.7.2 VPINMAME 3.4 (all others tables works great with all LUT/GI option magnasave)





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I'm having issues with the ball dropping properly thru the spider hole and the skill shot hole. 

Looking through the script I see a completely different section dedicated to just those 2 items. Is there something in there I could try to adjust to possibly make the ball fall through the holes rather than sit there and then drop slowly? 

Thank you


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