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Indochine Central Tour

I would like to thank Mr. JPSalas for allowing me to modify his Mago de oz table. I would like to propose the Indochine table which is one of the oldest rock bands in France and they celebrated their 40th anniversary with an extraordinary Central Tour concert. I hope that this table will please the fans of France and Europe.
I share two tables, one with a PUPMINI backglass so all the music comes from the table and one with a PUPPACK the music comes from the PUPACK
with the videos of the Concert Central Tour except two. It's up to you to choose your version thanks to the tuga team for their advice. Have fun and enjoy the concert.

indochina pack contains:
the table
the backglassPUP (put the directory inPinupSystem\PUPVideos)
the media for frontend
links : for the PUP PACK 3,4go  Available for 1 month : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1szRz4gfm0hD3cTcLer57O9xC7Aun1DaW/view?usp=share_link


thanks to Virtual Pinball Gameplay for the videos




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any idea why this table creates a folder named indochinecentraltour under my PUPVideos folder.  I already have a "indochine central tour" folder with the pup pack in this folder.  Thanks 

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This game is addicting. It's got very good flow.

I just need to dial in the POV for that upper flipper as I'm having difficulty making the inside loop of the 2 loops on the left.  Is this an issue for anyone else or did I get too aggressive with the POV?

Also, if anyone wants the "topper calls" to  be visible on their topper(if you have an upper monitor).  Its hidden under the playfield and there was no 4 monitor option in the pup pack.

Open puppackeditor and where you see the topper calls line, which is line 13, go to the right under "custom pos"  and put the numbers in there x, 0,0,100,100 for example.  X would be your topper number, you have assigned. Mine is 0.  

Long story short, I selected 3 monitors option in the pup pack. I went to pup pack editor and  loaded it.  "Topper Calls" had nothing in the "custom pos" column.  I put 0,0,0,100,100 and saved pack.  Restarted game and I now have the topper showing the topper calls folder contents during the game. Topper(screen 0) is already "force on" so It should show once the game loads.

I did have a conflict when I played the first and or second game but it seems to have resolved itself. I'll update if this happens again. Maybe it wasn't designed like this, I don't know as I'm still learning.

Today was an education.

The full dmd surround you see in the photo is just something I threw in there to fill the space around the dmd. 

Thank you.



20230312_064335 (Large).jpg

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Thanks for the table. However, i have any idea why Dof is not working with this table. I tried to search the script, but i found nothing.  The Pubpack and the table are working.

What did i miss??? Hope somebody can point me in the right direction. Thank you!

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