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Hi all. I'm terribly sorry if this is posted in the wrong group. Please advise me as to where I should move it to and I will do it at once.


I recently downloaded one of the best tables I've ever played in a long time, the Batman '66 (Stern 2016 tribute). It's a great table and I was trying to add it to my playlist. Once I started searching for the media (wheel,playfield, dmd, backglass, topper,audio, launch audio) is where I hit trouble. Does anyone have all these media files to share or have a download link? I did edit my searching text and tried every which way (I think) to search "Batman 66" but could only find the wheel image.


Please, help would greatly be appreciated

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Backglass/Playfield videos or images:

A lot of times I tend to create backglass and playfield images/videos by myself. Images can easily created via Windows screenshot (ALT+PRINT, then paste to any image editor, even MS Paint works), and for videos I use PinballX's Game Manager, which lets you create 45-second videos. Same should work for DMD images/videos.


Startup or table audio:

If I can't find any suitable audio, I open the table and export something from the sound files, or fire up Audacity and record the in-game sound.


Wheel images can be found aplenty here on the site, as can FullDMD videos that can be used as toppers.


Protip: Create an account on the PinballX site, they have an excellent FTP site full of pretty much every backglass, playfield, wheel, audio, instructions and flyers you could wish for.

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