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Clue (Original 2018)1.2

This was my very first VPX original based on the movie Clue from 1985.

All of the required files are in the Zip. (Table, PuP pack, Media files)

I am re-uploading this table for 2 reasons:

1. For anyone who wants to play it,

2. For anyone looking to give it an overhaul.

It was made in 2018, and is in need of an update to bring it current for physics, lighting, etc.

All of the PuP related settings (Custom Positions, etc.) were made in the script (starting at line 2019), I'm not even sure if we even used the PuP pack editor then.

That being said... It SHOULD still work, it works on my rig and I have the current Pup Player.


If you fall into category #1, I've been out of the game for 4 years, and I'm not sure I can answer any support topics to get it working if it doesn't work "out of the box"


If you fall into category #2, and you are seriously interested, I have 90% of all the original files (sounds, videos, raw artwork, .PSD files, Etc. I think im only missing the ramp blender files and 3d model stuff)

Please contact me and we can figure out how to get you the files.

Huge thanks to the following:
My wife for putting up with my crap and the long hours through the original process
JP Salas - All Scripting, answering stupid questions
Nailbuster - PuP support, answering stupid questions
Arngrim - DOF
Flupper - Primitive help
HauntFreaks - Lighting advice
ScottyWic - PuP/General help, answering stupid questions
RoccoDiMarco - Audio Callouts
Thalamus - SSF
Xenonph - General help, testing


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