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Superman Pup Pack And Table

Ok Guys I gave it my best shot.


I really do know its not perfect but Ill hopefully revisit it this summer.


Big Thanks to


Goldchicco for helping me whenever I drop him a message and hard work on the original table

Team Tuga ( Rear Apron and for the trolling  )

Andrew Walsh ( Intro help )

Dave Sousa ( Dof , Glowball ) Amazing!!!

Ayatollah of Rock ( Mini Game ) Best Mini Game Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pritch ( Wheels ) Ray ive lost them somewhere :) Ill find them.

Marty, Frisco and Palladin ( Testing )

Joe Picasso ( Amazing Overlays )

Vp Nation ( You guys rock )


If ive missed anyone message me and i will sort that...


Ive left instructions in the pup pack options that hopefully help you guys out.

I really hope my bat files work  If not just replace the 3 pup files.


I have not done single screen options sorry. You guys will have to play.

Hope you enjoy it..


Guys please update your Dof and use alias supermanLE


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