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Appreciate the help on this!

I watched several off Dave's videos, read his Wiki, done the hokie pokie (>10 times)... no coordinates work for me.


If I get the images to show (they don't always) they are full screen even using CustomPos like 2,38.2,14.0,25.2,78 (I used Dave's 1000x1000 image editor trick to get these)


I took the stock Goonies pack, removed the alpha BG Overlay "frame" and want to ADD 2 new images (both transparent PNG) to the existing Backglass. Both floating over all existing images (ForceOn I assume).


The virtual DMD will float over the bottom image acting as a frame for the DMD. Attached is my current settings and current screen, with Red boxes where I want the new images to go.


thanks for the guidance!


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