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Hope you can help - I am close but yet remain so far lol


I have colour DMD's setup on my Virtual pinball (using a desktop PC) and also the 64 colour ones work as well.  So far so good.


However I just cannot get the .pac files to run.


The thread below from user outhere, gave some good help which I followed - it stated


if you have color DMD with Freezy setup.  Then you should only need to copy the (3 Files) DmdDevice.dll & pin2color.dll & DmdDevice64.dll in to the VPinMame Floder


I have done this and still no joy.  I make sure the name of the pac file file is pin2dmd.pac (some are named differently) and they are placed in the altcolor folder without any other files, i.e. .pal and .vni.  I load the game and will not run in colour.  Obviously making some rookie error here - hence request for help here.


I have done as much as I can before posting here as a last resort.  I saw on another site about installing FlexDMD, tried this, no joy again


I am presently running VPinMAME 3.5




Many thanks


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