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If you ask a search engine, you´ll first find about thousand links with pinball wizard from the who.
But if you look a bit closer, there seem to be a lot of little pearls I never heard.

There are hundred of songs containing the word "pinball" which are not so relevant to the matter, but there are some really about Pinball.
The first two songs of course ended up directly in the Altsound directory of Creature  of the black Lagoon. 🙂
I think its worth to link some in this forum. 🙂 If you know a nice song about pinball - I would be happy to hear it.




Gene O Quin - Pinball Millionaire (1950)



Newer Song but classic - I took it for the Tiki-Bob Table.



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OK so it’s not REALLY a song about pinball…but in a way it’s kind of THE pinball song back in the day. 


EDIT. Kinda wild how many times this tune was sampled




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Found this also….kinda wish I didn’t. I’ll be brushing my ears out to dissolve the gooey saccharine after taste now. 


Oh yeah…and this underrated classic with deep lyrical value. 



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