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Day of the Tentacle (Stern 2002) RyGuy Mod

This is a reskin/mod of Stern's 2002 Playboy table. I actually really like the table layout, but the theme was not the best with the kiddos around. Have no fear--this is based on using VPMAlias, so you can keep your original Playboy table should you wish.


Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road, and the Secret of Monkey Island were my favorite point-and-click adventure games growing up. I still have Secret of Monkey Island on my bookcase--with all the 5.25 floppies ready to go. However, Day of the Tentacle was the best of the bunch, with a really clever time travel element to boot.


Hopefully this is a good "kid-safe" option for some of you, and a stroll down memory lane for all who played these LucasArts games.


Thanks to @Manbearpig for assistance with testing!

Thanks to @HiRez00 for the permission to mod and for all the work that he and others did to make the Playboy table so spot on in the first place.



  • Add "playboystentacle,playboys" to your vpmalias file
  • Move the pup pack to your pup videos folder. It's designed for a full dmd setup only
  • Move the vpx and b2s files to your tables folder.
  • Turn off sound on the rom by pressing f1**
  • Optional: press 7, navigate to the P.B. install options and select no adult content/sounds (kid-friendly)*
    • --Note: the supplied cfg and nv files *should* cover for this, but if not, follow step 4.


*The full DMD videos are timed to "cover" any overtly sexual content, but priority order may cause the occasional miss. Topper and wheel are provided for your use.


**For those interested in turning off the sound temporarily (i.e. you plan to use the other playboy table a lot too), follow this script. Thanks @Manbearpig for the tip!!





Sub table1_Exit():Controller.Games(cGameName).Settings.Value("sound") = 1:Controller.Stop : End Sub


Example script:






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After adding "playboystentacle,playboys" to my VPMalias list, what should be showing on line 583 in the script?  I am still getting the game not found error on line 583, even after making the required entry in my VPMalias list.  I'm confused.

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17 hours ago, PITBULLBANZAI said:

Hi everyone!


I have this error, impossible to start the table!


Any idea?



you need to use playboys rom. the error you show means you do not have the playboyf rom.

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For those who want to temporarily turn off the playboy rom sounds and automatically turn back on again use these in the vpx script

First we need to construct the game name. I put this in at line 60;

Const cGameName = "playboystentacle" 'playboys rom


Next put this in the table script near the top of Table1_init. I inserted it at line 593;



Then the last line of the table script add the following. In mine its line 859. Just replace the existing line there with this;

Sub Table1_Exit():Controller.Games("playboys").Settings.Value("sound") = 1:Controller.Stop:End Sub


Thats it! The playboy rom sounds will turn off for Day of the Tentacle and turn back on again when you exit the game.

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On 1/15/2023 at 4:06 PM, toady said:

Pup not working. I have no sound and playboys dmd showing. Any ideas?

Same problem here. I've tried EVERYTHING, but obviously, everything is not enough. I need some help with this, please.

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Has anybody been able to solve the Error stating "Runtime error, Line: 585, Game name not found" ?


Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I don't plan on playing the Playboy table if that bit of information helps.

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