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World Series (Gottlieb 1972)

The table is made by the great Jeff Whitehead (Loserman76).
May he rest in peace. 😞 I hope, there are pinballs where you are, Jeff.

I would like to thank Jeff, for allowing me, to convert his tables to VR.


It is a hybrid table. So you can play in VR, desktop or cabinet mode, but you need the external backglass.
There is no need to change the script. A VR headset is automatically detected.


I added the following things:
VR room, artwork for cabinet, backbox and flyer, animations for buttons and plungers, LUT files (change with magnasave buttons).


'*        Table build/scripted by Loserman76
'*        Playfield/plastics all redrawn by GNance
'*        VR update by Rajo Joey


Works in 10.7.2, best to play in VPinball_GL 10.8: https://github.com/vpinball/vpinball/actions/workflows/vpinball.yml


These are quick conversions, as I don't like playing in a dark room and don't want to spend more days or weeks to convert a table.

If you want to do your own conversions, I wrote two tutorials for EM tables like Loserman76's and make templates of the tables, pictures and materials.
Also there are some .psd files, to change the artwork in an easy way for example.
In the template tables there are generic artwork for the cabinet and the backbox. Some people may be happy with that and don't need the real artwork.

There is a short tutorial for people, who know the editor and a longer one for newbies. Both instructions are in English and German.



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Dear Friends
Many people I know and myself have problems seeing the backglass, despite following instructions to disable Disable b2S.
In all Gottlieb 70s manufactured by Rajo Joey (except Hit the Deck and Neptune, we don't see the backglass in all of them)
We can't enjoy your work...
Please, we ask you to guide us, what can we do?
We await an answer
Best regard

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The same thing happens to me as danazo2019 and I know what happens to so many people... I can't see the backglkas no matter how hard I try (of course following the instructions)... I tried it with 10.8 of 32 and 64 bits (someone commented that it didn't work with the 64 version) but I can't get any back glas out of any of these RajoJoey tables and I'm very frustrated by it... please... help!

I edit to comment that it's a VR mode problem because when you take off the glasses (without exiting the game) you can see the backglas on the left on the monitor... that is... the backglas does come out but only on the desktop, can't see in glasses

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