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Out of the blue, I loaded my Virtual Pinball cab software using the latest versions of Pinup Player and Pinup Popper only to get a string of repeated messages in Windows 10 that there is an Access Violation with Pinup Player Menu.


It will not launch Pinup Popper as it did before. 


I can launch tables from VPX Pinball, but not via Pinup Popper.


Any ideas what this repeated Windows 10 Error Message means - PinupPlayerMenu Access Violation at addres....?





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I figured it out after reloading Pinup Player, Pinup Popper, VPX Pinball, VPINMAME, FlexDMD, and UltraDMD.

This is one of the strangest issues I have experienced in my 3 years of Virtual Pinball.

I have 2 coin doors on the front of my VP cabinet.

Last night, I inserted a quarter to register a credit and the quarter got lodged near the quarter slot sewitch and caused a short circuit.

This caused the issue.

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